"I was told I'd feel relaxed, but mostly I felt healed!"

Carolyn Marwedel

At fifty-years-old and never having had a massage before, I was literally terrified by the thought of my first massage, especially because of the amount of pain I was experiencing in my hip. I had been carrying around lidocaine cream in my purse for months and not sleeping because the pain woke me up any time I rolled over. The massage was a gift, but I didn't want anybody touching my hip.

I was told I'd feel relaxed and soothed by everybody I knew, which I did, but mostly I felt healed. My hip (and my neck) immediately had a range of motion I believed was long gone. I was able to cross my leg to tie my shoe. I could for look for traffic in the next lane without turning my entire torso. It was amazing!

Chris was incredible. She moved so fluidly and consistently I was unable to tell where exactly she was positioned around the massage table. It was as if she was suspended above me. I never felt or heard when she got more massage oil. The music selection helped me relax and played most of my favorites.

I don't even live in Austin, but I plan to visit regularly from Houston and make Knot Detective visits part of my life routine. I highly recommend. I can't believe I waited fifty years!