"I get massages on a regular basis and look forward to every one of them."

Ruth D.

I have been getting massages from Michele Caldwell at Knot Detective Massage for several years now. I was a massage therapist way back and I really like Michele’s technique and professionalism. I have had some muscle issues lately and she has been really helpful in giving me some relief from it. I get massages on a regular basis and look forward to every one of them. At my age, 74, I feel so much better getting the body work done on a regular basis.

The new location for Knot Detective Massage on Shoal Creek is really great, the rooms are relaxing and comfortable.

"Great team of professionals"

Lisa W.

Katie has assembled a great team of professionals. Fantastic massages tailored to the individual.

"...under her care the tension and headaches melt away!"

Holly B.

Go see Barbara! She is truly a miracle worker. I have chronic headaches, and under her care the tension and headaches melt away! Her skill at massage is paralleled by her kindness and attentiveness to your needs and preferences, both before and during the massage. Her passion for her work is evident--I'm so glad I found her!

"Katie's kept me going through training for several half marathons."

Joanna McDonald

Katie is fantastic! She really knows her stuff and is great at creating a relaxing experience while delivering an exceptional deep tissue sports massage. She's kept me going through training for several half marathons and a 19 mile Grand Canyon trek. Can't recommend Katie enough!

"Exceptionally technical and intuitive."

Darla Fleece

Katie is exceptionally technical and intuitive -- a most accomplished therapist. Nice environment and great personnel.

"The most incredibly effective massage available!"

Annie Anzaldua

The most incredibly effective massage available! I'm training for my first marathon and I was having a lot of hip pain, not only did Chris find the source of the issue and fix it rapidly, she also gave me recommendations for exercises and stretches to prevent further injuries. She was so kind and welcoming and the whole environment was fantastic. Also love that they are open on weekends!

"Barbara wants to help heal, rejuvenate, and relax your body."

Teresa Mason

I’ve known Barbara Cooper for a long time and I know massage is her passion. She believes massage is her calling and works to give her clients the best experience possible while in a therapy session. As a nurse who sometimes stands/walks for the better part of a 12 hour shift, I know how much your muscle can ache and how healing a massage can be. Barbara wants to help heal, rejuvenate, relax your body and will work with you to find the perfect combination for YOU. I definitely recommend her special style of massage therapy!

"I did not wake up in pain."

Miranda Goins

Had an amazing massage with Dalanda. I had been suffering with a sciatica flare up and she worked it out very well. I did not wake up in pain. Highly suggested.

"I was told I'd feel relaxed, but mostly I felt healed!"

Carolyn Marwedel

At fifty-years-old and never having had a massage before, I was literally terrified by the thought of my first massage, especially because of the amount of pain I was experiencing in my hip. I had been carrying around lidocaine cream in my purse for months and not sleeping because the pain woke me up any time I rolled over. The massage was a gift, but I didn't want anybody touching my hip.

I was told I'd feel relaxed and soothed by everybody I knew, which I did, but mostly I felt healed. My hip (and my neck) immediately had a range of motion I believed was long gone. I was able to cross my leg to tie my shoe. I could for look for traffic in the next lane without turning my entire torso. It was amazing!

Chris was incredible. She moved so fluidly and consistently I was unable to tell where exactly she was positioned around the massage table. It was as if she was suspended above me. I never felt or heard when she got more massage oil. The music selection helped me relax and played most of my favorites.

I don't even live in Austin, but I plan to visit regularly from Houston and make Knot Detective visits part of my life routine. I highly recommend. I can't believe I waited fifty years!

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