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Injury Massage

Anyone who has experienced a surgical procedure or any injury that requires physical therapy to aid in the recovery understands that professional and skilled massage therapy plays a dramatic role in the recovery process. In other words, therapeutic massage fosters patient healing, and here’s how it works:

1: Surgical Rehabilitation

In the case of post-operative rehabilitation, therapeutic massage has a crucial support role after the surgeon has completed repairs. The technical work is only half of the battle; getting all the working parts back in order still must be attended for a successful recovery.

Therapeutic massage helps to repair any damaged soft tissue in or around an incision, as well as breaking up any scar tissue that may have formed or even impeding the formation of that scar tissue before it compromises the body of muscle functions. Therapeutic massage has been proven to accelerate recovery in a post-operative scenario by keeping all of the working parts limber or stretched out.

2. Injury Rehabilitation

For anyone who has ever had an injury requiring Physical Therapy, you are already well aware of the benefit of therapeutic massage in aiding that recovery. By oxygenating the injured muscles and isolating the damage with massage techniques, the results are dramatic.

Recovery is a process, and while it is goal-oriented in the pursuit of recovery, it can seem like a long and tireless one. Returning to a state of optimal, pre-injury, performance seems to take ages and getting back to full strength or your previous state can be frustrating.

If you are looking to implement therapeutic massage as part of a supplemental recovery program, make sure you bring your therapist up to speed on the problem and the prognosis during your initial consultation. This will ensure that our trained therapists implement the appropriate techniques to accommodate your injury and prevent further damage to the surrounding area as well as exercising caution when apply pressure to sensitive areas of the body as a result.